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Automatic Traffic Counters (ATC)

We can provide survey results from both our temporary and permanent automatic traffic counters. We also off the service where clients send us .eco files and we generate reports for them, we can also validate data quality.

With 30 years of experience in performing ATC surveys our fully trained staff will determine the best location to install ATC equipment to ensure that traffic flows are recorded as accurately as possible.

There are 10 points to setting up an ATC to record accurate traffic flows.

Depending on the type of data required will affect where and how the ATC is laid

Parking Beats or Servicing Surveys

We can carry out various types of parking surveys from simple car park accumulation surveys, where a note of a vehicle being parked is noted.

Duration of stay surveys by registration this identifies vehicles that may move to different parking locations in the survey area, we can also look at parking permits, Pay & Display, illegally parked vehicles. This type of data cannot be collected by CCTV or ANPR cameras

ANPR cameras, these identify the total length of stay of a vehicle in the area of interest. CCTV cameras can monitor lengths of road but will only provide length of stay or bay usage.

Servicing surveys, can either be carried out by CCTV or manually, again depending on the degree of information required.

Cyclist Surveys

We are a recommended installer of the MetroCount Piezo cycle counter, these are a semi-permanent survey site where piezo strips are cut into the cycle way, this can either be on a roadway or dedicated cycle way.

Or we can install temporary tube counters in any location. Cycle tube has a thinner wall, using a tube with the thinner wall ensures that air pulses generated by younger cyclists would also be recorded. The thinner walled cycle tube is not suitable for road traffic.

We always recommend that on trafficked roads that a MetroCount Logger is used for each direction as the thicker wall tube may not always register cyclist in the furthest lane, their air pulsed may be masked by other road traffic, or the cyclist may not generate a significant air pulse to be recognised.

Junction Counts

We have developed a lightweight digital cameras system, these allow us to perform highly accurate, overview surveys. We use different camera lenses with various focal lengths from these we can extrapolate traffic flow from small junctions to vast roundabouts and complex road system surveys.

These cameras are unobtrusive and can be mounted as a covert surveillance cameras. Some cameras are fitted with infrared or low light cameras.

Journey Times

Journey time surveys are carried out using an on-board vehicle camera that is linked by GPS, this provides real-time footage of journeys, giving Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates and placement on Google maps. We can provide real-time footage of journeys for 'Transport Planners' so they don’t need to leave their desks, for a view of road conditions.

These cameras can also be used to register Street furniture placement, road condition surveys, parking beats, and a lot more.

We now use these cameras for the placement of the MetroCount ATC's, if required we are able to supply real-time information of survey conditions.

ANPR Surveys

We are able to quote on ANPR surveys, we would be happy to discuss your requirements to gain an understanding of what information you require.