Our Community

We don't just stop at traffic surveys...

At Monisyst we are all active within our community either helping out making the area we live in better or by fighting for something we believe in. The surrounding area has been a part of families lives for generations and so we make sure that we make it a better place for us now and for the generations to come.

Willow Farm - Farm & Animal Refuge

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C P Rudge & Sons Ltd, have been Farming in Redbridge since 1923, Charles Peter Rudge took on Willow Farm, from then its boundaries spread far and wide. In 1965 C P Rudge & Sons took over Aldborough Hall Farm, growing cereal crops. Root vegetables that were sent to Market and sold through A W Wilderspin Ltd. A Farm Shop was opened in the early 70's the shop grew in size, especially when the farm started growing Strawberries and other soft fruits. At this time the farm was approached to take care of a miss-treated Donkey, from this started the rescue center, and animal rehousing. There have been many Rabbits, Hamsters, Birds of all sorts, Ferrets, Pigs, Dogs, Cats, Donkeys, resulting in appearances in several well-known TV programs and articles in the National Press. Aldborough Hall Farm ceased to operate in 2008 with the Animal Rescue operation being moved to Willow Farm.

In our care today we still have one of the original Donkeys (Mo) a pig that originally lived in a house in Dagenham until she grew too big, A Barn Owl, Turkeys, Geese, loads of birds, Ex battery Chickens. We are now breeding Mangalitza pig, these are a rare breed that were introduced into this Country in 2006 the only other pig that had a long curly coat is the now extinct Lincolnshire curly coat

1st Aldborough Hatch Scout Group

There has been 3 generations of Wilderspins associated with The 1st Aldborough Hatch Scout Group currently Martin is one of the Assistant Scout Leaders. We believe that the Scout Movement helps develop future generations not only in mind and body, but enables Scouts to become leaders of the future. Ilford East Scouts provided many willing young enumerators for surveys that are now Transport Planners, or are involved with running their own Survey Companies. Even today there are several Companies that recruit full and part time staff from the Scouts

St Peters Church

We won’t pretend that we attend Church regularly but, we help out where we can. We organise and run games at Fetes and the Flower Festival where even Clive has even been known to be involved in Flower Arranging! More professionally Ann has been one of the Flower arrangers for 30 years, and now Vicky has become involved with Flower Arranging becoming a regular over the past couple of years designing and erecting displays.

Redbridge Sports Centre

We have been supporting Redbridge Squash for a few years, we have supplied refreshments for Tournaments, sponsored team and event clothing.

Aldborough Hatch Defense Association

This was originally formed to monitor and where necessary fight the digging of sand and gravel in the area. Mr. Ron Jefferies is the current Chairman, (many years ago he was Clive’s Scout Leader) he rallies the local community not only to protest about the digging of sand and gravel but, also he also organises the community to keep our local country lanes rubbish free. There is also concern over speeding vehicles on local roads, we have carried out various surveys where we have laid ATC's near to the Local Authority VAS (Vehicle Activated Sign) and set up cameras to monitor the effectiveness of these signs, we were able to match vehicles displayed speeds, with Driver reaction to the sign display. Every time we do this the Council remove the sign, this must be coincidence! We are pleased to be associated with the Aldborough Hatch Defense Association and offer our assistance when possible.